A Summary of Our Basic Beliefs

We are a nondenominational church which holds to the following truth

God the Father – There is only one true and living God. He is sovereign, holy, perfect, and eternal. He is the Almighty God of all creation and all things are sustained by Him for Him. He expresses Himself in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; all unique, fulfilling a different role, and yet they are one in purpose and essence.

Jesus Christ the Son – He is totally and absolutely God and man. He entered this world into human flesh through a virgin birth; conceived by The Holy Spirit. Though tempted, He lived a perfect life, died for our sins on the cross, then literally, actually and physically rose from the dead after 3 days in the tomb, ascended into heaven after walking among many, and promised to return again to establish His kingdom upon this earth.

His Holy Spirit – He is also totally and absolutely God. He convicts the lost of their need for salvation through Christ the Son. He lives in the heart of every sincere, professing believer; enabling and empowering them to serve Christ to the Glory of God.

The Bible – The Bible is God’s truth revealed to man without any elements of error. It is our compass in all our faith and works. It is the living Word of God and speaks to those who read with an open and contrite heart.

Salvation – People who have not accepted Christ as the Son of God and His Forgiving Grace paid for by His death on the Cross, are lost in sin. He died to redeem and offers a personal relationship with Him both here on Earth, and forever in Heaven. A person that acknowledges Christ as the Son of God and turns from their sin by confession to Christ and inviting Him to live in their hearts, will be saved.

Eternal Security – Once saved by Grace through Faith in Christ, any person is forever saved by God’s grace; but can only approach their full life potential, for which God created them, by walking in Christ daily.

Baptism – Baptism was instructed and demonstrated by Christ when He walked among man. Baptism does not save, but symbolizes the new Christian’s life

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